TorFX Review

torfx review
torfx review

TorFX Review

Our TorFX Review will supply you all the necessary information before transferring funds online. Read our TorFX Review about their business and services.

The age of technology today ensures us with quick money transfer to miles which ease our hectic schedule. Right? Apparently, it becomes the desperate situation for the beginners to grab hold of good and most importantly a trusted platform for money transfer today. The media today is completely stuffed with the marketing strategies of such firms to attract the crowd of people towards them. We are right here to provide our users with an explanatory view of actually what we do and offer at TorFx.

torfx review
torfx review is a leading online company which suffices the money transfer appetite of the customers through its reasonable exchange rates which outsources even the bank exchange rates. As amongst the pioneers in the business ruling their frontier for near ten years, their motive is to prioritize customer satisfaction with their economically favourable exchange rates and a unified mode facilitating international money transfer at ease. The platform thrives in hard to serve both their individual and corporate consumers with fast, precise and free transfers coupled with an individualistic approach for managing accounts efficiently.

Personal Transfers: Operative since 2004, TorFx is a trustworthy brand ensuring international money transfers independent of the transfer charges, setting it aside from the cluster of other market-oriented firms which endorse massive cost on its customers. Their personal transfer initiative is reliable and secure with trading round the clock for 24/7 hours and a dedicated account manager to serve its buyer. They facilitate you with the bank-beating rate of exchanges without any additional hidden charges which symbolize transparency in their trading. Virtual networks of Torfx safeguards the money transfers imbibed with fast and accurate operational mode. The Accounts manager is right with you handling the markets on your behalf and offers you a helping hand wherever you get puzzled off.

Under Personal Transfers, the firm ensures its purchasers following services:

Transfer Options:

  • Spot Contract: To buy or sell currency for immediate settlement.
  • Forward Contract: For a future currency exchange as it aids in fixing the rate in advance.
  • Limit Order: For future trading at targeted exchange rate when the current seems insignificant.

Stop Loss Order: For trading when the current rate doesn’t please you, but still, you are concerned that it may worsen further, this helps to lock your trade in the event of a worst-case rate.

Market Insight: Registration with Torfx immediately assigns a dedicated accounts manager who’s motive is to familiarize you with the market analysis to minimize the market risks and optimize your transfer timings.

Manage Payments 24/7 with TorFX Online: Convenient for oversea payment transfers from £100 to £25,000 in over 30 currencies. For over £25,000, the Accounts Manager would serve you at his best.

Torfx assists you in overseas property investments by introducing you to forward contacts who’ll assist you to define an exchange rate so that the rate will revert you how your investment will strike you back. Besides this it provides solutions to Emigration, Repatriation of Funds and Regular payments issues under personal transfers.

Business Transfers: Torfx extends you a helping hand to organize your business import/export payments, foreign payroll to processor overseas earnings to repatriate.

What does the firm ensure?

  • Reasonable Exchange Rates
    Fast, Free Currency Transfers
    Expert Insight
    Guidance for Risk Management
    24/7 Transfers for Amounts up to £25,000

The firm focuses on providing following services:

Transfer Options:

  • Spot Contracts: Immediate Transfers
    Forward Contracts: Future international payments and protects your funds from the market negativities.
  • Market Orders: securing a specific exchange rate
  • Limit Order: Target an exchange rate higher than the current rate, and the company will execute your transfer if the market reaches your targeted level.
  • Stop Loss Order: Controls risk of a sudden drop in the market exchange rate.
    Market Insight: Designed for efficient currency transfers. The dedicated accounts manager keeps you updated with latest currency news and ensures benefits through expert guidance.
  • 24/7 Transfers: Quick and convenient transfers. Transfer up to £25,000 on a 24/7 basis. Assists you to have an eye on exchange rates, add recipients, set Rate Alerts and manage your account information.
  • Streamline your Regular Overseas Payments: Seamless and cost-effective. The Corporate Trading Manager assists you to meet import/export costs or to manage a foreign payroll for your businesses to function smoothly. This process ensures automated transfers bundled with competitive exchange rates, manages multi-payments conveniently, flexibility to amend transfer details. By switching over to this service, you can save £12,000 for your business annually. The service is available to businesses making regular transfers of between £500 and £10,000 a month over a minimum period of 6 months.

Business Health Checks: The most exciting feature under the Business transfers is the business health checkup plans to review, identify, discuss and create the best payment options suitable for your business setups.

The establishment provides you to download a free Business Guide to Trade Post-Brexit to maximize your business potentials and profit. The firm is currently in link with Manufacturing, IT, Automotive, Entertainment, Imports businesses. Torfx further extends a partnership hand to the setups it is linked with to nurture and flourish their relationships for magnifying the profit of each partner and globalize their network as a handy way of referring clients, monitoring commission and accessing useful resources.

Torfx is thus a compendium of corporate and individual services that prioritizes its buyers ahead of making a profit out of their business. Customer satisfaction is what accounts for the whole team, and they pledge their work towards the fulfilment of consumer needs and demands. No hidden commissionaire charges levied by them. Their business functions with complete transparency. No matter whether your transfer heads towards personal or business transfer the services and facilities provided by the firm are of high quality and standard with proper guidance at each step, so their customer is ultimately satisfied. This is what deserves their hard-core efforts in consumer service. It is just at a distance of one registration step, to hook yourself with this enterprise for guarantees the best exchange rate, fast, free oversea transfers, award-winning services, regular market updates, expert support and guidance and many more exciting features all waiting for you to knock.

Don’t confuse yourself more. Assign your transfers to Torfx and lead a life hazel-free.