WorldFirst Review

worldfirst review
worldfirst review

WorldFirst Review

Our WorldFirst Review will supply you all the necessary information before transferring funds online. Read our WorldFirst Review about their business and services.

Let us imagine a task of transferring money to a person who stays in a different country. The thought of changing currencies and checking values and visiting places can tire us.

Making international payments have never been so easy. is a site which allows you to transfer money online anywhere in the world. As a corporate set up or as an individual you can carry out any type of transaction online with the help of Being the first site to set up such an international transaction system, they boast experience like no other. They help you 24*7 and through smooth and easy steps you can pay bills and transfer money to any given account in the world.

Review of the different services provided by WorldFirst

WorldFirst supports four types of accounts namely – business, personal, online sellers and partnerships. Business accounts are for organisations to implement their business effectively worldwide. Personal accounts are for individuals who are into international fund transfers. Online sellers accounts are for the trading market organizations who have deals on an international basis.

worldfirst logo
worldfirst logo

The partnership accounts are for those organisations who want to partner with the company for making online transfers globally. Each and every account type is allowed all sort of transfer. The services provided by the group is smooth and easy. The transaction can be carried out by business to make payments in an account across the sea.

If you are a student, you can pay the tuition fees by transferring the required amount to your account. Partnering with the site is also a great option. They also allow transactions through phone and mobile applications. This makes digital transferring easier. The services are extremely beneficial for every individual or organization which trade their business and products overseas. The site hosts safe transactions globally. They give priority to their clients and help them make an ample number of transactions to different parts of the world.

Connectivity of is excellent. This assures rapid transactions of any amount. The customer service is effective and is available round the clock to attend to your needs and requests. The applications have a friendly user interface. You can use it over any network on your phone to pay bills and make payments worldwide.

WorldFirst also has special phone services wherein clients small call-up for requesting transfers. The service is commendable and efficient too. The information required for opening accounts is kept private. They respect the privacy of each and every client. The account holders are needed to prove their identity so that all the accounts are authentic and globally verified.

Apart from the services, also has special arrangements under the category Rates and Tools. Here, you can access currency converter, live rates and graphs, free rate alerts, daily economic updates and more. This category is extremely beneficial during fund transfers especially when there is a discrepancy in the currency. The currency exchange rate and converter give you the exact amount you want to transfer. This makes the process easier for you to understand and carry out.

Benefits Of Using WorldFirst Services

With WorldFirst as your choice, you can avail the following benefits.
There is no fee you are expected to pay if you are making a personal transfer.
You can avail better exchange rates here. Way better!

The registration is completely free and you will find no obligations to use WorldFirst.

We have an award winning service team to assist you throughout the process.
You can avail the service from one of the leading firms in foreign exchange solutions.
The rates are fair and the process is transparent.

Avail international receiving accounts in the UK, US, Europe and Canada for free.
You can always contact your dedicated dealer for any doubts via email. Also, there is no limited transaction timings.

Be it personal transfer, a business transaction or online sales, WorldFirst will be at your service 24/7 with excellent services ahead.

Editor’s review (Pros and cons) provides excellent services and as per user reviews, they are hundred percent trustworthy. An authentic site which has been working since 2004, gives you a guarantee that your money is safe even when it is being transferred overseas. The website allows users to interact with any account worldwide. Although the list of pros is long enough, you cannot miss out on some of the biggest cons of WorldFirst. They have a minimum transaction requirement. The minimum transfer amount is £250 for online transaction and £1,000 for phone transaction. If you do not fulfil this requirement that is you try to transfer money less than the minimum amount, your transaction fails. The amount for minimum transfer is fixed and applies to all the four types of account type available.

Apart from the minimum amount requirements, the company also does not accept electronic identity proof. This is to ensure the authenticity of account holders. However, in some cases, it can cause difficulties for individuals trying to create an account with Nonetheless, once you have an account, the services you receive is more satisfactory. The rate of transfer is quick. Although the company is operating on a large scale network worldwide, it does not delay your transactions. All transactions are clean and transparent. So transfer money to Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Europe or Germany without any hassle. Make sure you have gone through the terms and conditions and also the legalities of the company before using the services of WorldFirst.

Final words

WorldFirst provides one of the finest services. You should definitely try it if you need to transfer money internationally online. The account set up is easy. If your organization and fund transfers are genuine, you will not face any problems. WorldFirst takes care of everything. Their experience in the field is long enough to give them the reputation of being the best. They respect authenticity and boundaries. Trusting WorldFirst with your money is absolutely safe.