tui vouchers
tui vouchers

About TUI

When it comes to planning and booking a vacation or holiday, TUI or TUI vouchers has something for everyone. TUI was formerly known as Thomson Holidays and it is a travel operator based in the United Kingdom. It offers package holidays, cruises, travel bookings, hotel reservations, etc. Thomson Holidays changed its name to TUI UK on 18th October 2017.

On their website, they have a detailed and in-depth destination guide that gives you an insight into the best destinations across the world. They have claimed to love nature and it shows on their website as well where they mentioned that “from city to nature – with the number 1, from the beach to skiing – with the number 1, from desert to jungle – with the number 1”.

TUI is a well-known travel agency and it is also an award-winning airline. They have teamed up with several tour operators who gives a plethora of offers and choices. Other than that, they have a team of over 12,000 employees that are dedicated to serving its customers. They have been operating their business since 1965 and they have climbed up to the top of the travel business in the UK. They own over 300 hotels, 16 cruise ships, 150 airplanes, etc. TUI Group is the parent organization of TUI UK. They have served over 20 million customers in over 180 regions. The headquarter of TUI is situated in Luton, England. Earlier, the Thomson Travel Group was owned by a company named Thomson Corporation in Canada. However, It floated on the London Stock Exchange in the year 1998 and it was taken over by the TUI Group.

Travel experts of TUI can assist you with every aspect of your travel like travel insurance, visa processing, customized holiday packages, and much more. There are over 71,000 destinations and hotels to opt for your next trip. On this platform, several fantastic and tantalizing discounted vouchers are offered regularly. You can choose from the various packages offered across the six major continents and some of the most popular tourist countries. It is a traveler’s paradise in terms of holiday bookings and reservations. They offer their services and products on their website and they also have an app which can be downloaded from the app store.

tui voucher codes
tui voucher codes

Destinations Offered by TUI

The major destinations offered by TUI are:
1) Iceland
2) Spain
3) Greece
4) Thailand
5) Mexico
6) Egypt
7) Florida
8) Sri Lanka
9) India
10) London
and many more such destinations are offered by TUI.

Services Offered by TUI

TUI is a 24/7 Holiday Line that has a huge team of travel experts spread across the globe. You can use their services on their website or app. Also, you can contact the customer care center to get assistance with your travel needs. They handpick destinations and hotels to offer best services to its customers. All their packages are planned to meet the travelers’ needs.
This travel operator offers the following services:

1) Hotel and motels reservation
2) Holiday customized packages
3) Multi-center holiday tours
4) Tailor-made tours
5) Cruise booking
6) Flight and travel bookings
7) Visa or other travel documents’ assistance
8) Support from travel experts
9) Holiday checklist
10) Travel money card
11) Currency converter
13) Destination guide
and much more.

What is TUI Best for? TUI Vouchers?

This platform is best for luxury travel bookings as well as budget travel bookings as it has different offers to suit different customer’s needs. It is designed to cater to all. Being the biggest and best UK holiday company, it has the capability to fulfill all your travel needs at a nominal price. From short getaways to long vacations, they have a package for all kinds of travel. They have several partners from different countries that work together to give you a pleasant travel experience. The packages include different services like airport pickups, city tours, museum visits, tourist attractions. etc. They have a reputation for giving a marvelous travel experience. If you wish to book your travel in privacy and comfort then you can visit their branch offices located in the major cities of several countries. With their support and assistance, you can concentrate on traveling and gain wonderful experiences while TUI handles all the unpleasant stuff.

Final Review of TUI

After analysing the entire website and app of TUI, we have come to a conclusion that it is a user-friendly platform to meet the travel needs. With everything at one place, TUI offers great features and services to its customers. The prices are really competitive and affordable as well. The process of bookings and reservations are easy and quick. With no loopholes and unnecessary ads, this platform gives satisfactory solutions to its customers. Moreover, they keep adding and updating its features and products. They have added a whole new range of products like villas, new destinations, apartments, winter sports, cruise routes, etc. They have also initiated a significant re-branding process in the past that has resulted in a positive growth of their business. Another feature that has helped them reach the top of the travel industry is real-time reservations feature that adds on to its value. They also dominate the high street travel agency business in the UK. Since 2004, TUI UK has become a power brand in the tourism business. It operates in UK, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, India, Netherlands, France, Canada, Russia, Europe, Spain, etc.


1) One-stop-shop for travel freaks, adventure seekers, and travelers.
2) Best offers and packages with competitive price.
3) Expert support through one-on-one consultation.
4) Reach in major 6 continents.
5) Easily accessible.


1) Limited seats in packages and tours.

Final Verdict

The TUI Group has certainly made significant changes to its services and products to offer comfort and satisfaction to its customers. The new features complement the website and their business. They have never disappointed its users and they are continuing to do so. One can rely on TUI to manage all their travel needs and they never fail to amaze you with their quality services. If you are planning to leave the busy and hectic city life to enjoy few days in a beautiful destination then check out the website of TUI.

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